Traversing Hills and Valleys

About Traversing Hills and Valleys

In Traversing Hills and Valleys, the author, John Nduka Abaelu, takes the reader on an autobiographic journey as he recounts in great detail events that impacted different stages of his life. Seemingly unrelated tragedies provide the initial impetus that pushes him on his journey through an education at King's College, Lagos and beyond, surviving a civil war, and on to a thriving career in banking that is truncated by intrigues and arbitrary show of power under the cover of the Nigerian military regime of the time.

Highlighted in the text are some of the risks prevalent in business partnerships in Nigeria, and perhaps other places as well, even when only friends are involved. Seldom are individual motives and ambitions placed face up on the table at the outset. As a result, break-ups occur when divergent personal goals eventually surface and clash. Faced with such a situation, the individual will do well to remember that there is no better shock absorber than a solid family.

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